“Brown & Brown truly delivered on their promises. They brought us more insurance companies to choose from, at much lower pricing and with far better coverage than we were ever able to get before by having several agents competing to bid our insurance.” – M.N.

“Last year, I invited three different agents to quote. I never heard back from one, the other two brought us 4 quotes that were all within 5% of each other and hardly reflected any savings from the prior year. This year working only with Brown & Brown, we saw 9 quotes, all at significant savings, and I selected a carrier that saved us 31%!” – T.Q.

“Turning over the insurance bid process to you and allowing you to handle getting and negotiating all of our company’s quotes worked exactly as you said it would. It was far easier, much less time consuming, and we saved more money than we expected. Best of all, we have the peace of mind knowing that we got the proper coverage for the best price.” – S.R.

On Service

“Your turnaround time to issue certificates of insurance is simply amazing! Our previous agent couldn’t get them out for days and even then, they were still issued incorrectly.” – A.S.

“The quality of the people servicing my account is outstanding. We have never received this level of care and attention from an insurance agent. Switching to Brown & Brown was a terrific decision.” – C.L.

Claim Management & Service

“I had no idea that my company’s Workers’ Compensation experience modification factor was wrong causing me to pay higher premiums. If Brown & Brown hadn’t caught this, I don’t think my former agent or insurance company ever would have.” – B.P.

“Thanks to your representative’s forecast about how our company’s Workers’ Compensation mod was going to go down, we were able to more competitively bid future work knowing our insurance costs would be lower.” – C.F.

“Thanks to your Claim Service Executive, we learned that our insurance company had been paying above industry norms on many of our company’s liability claims. What really impressed us was that he helped us get new insurance carriers to recognize this and base our premiums on what those claims actually should have been settled for.” – T.F.

“This potentially difficult and contentious claim situation was smoothly handled by your Claim Service Executive. I don’t know what I would have done without her. It was quite clear to us and our insurance company that she knew her stuff. We were lucky to have someone with her experience and knowledge on our side.” – R.J.

"The staff with Brown & Brown Insurance has been professional and reliable since we began to have our donor insurance. We know we can rely on them to respond in a timely manner, always looking towards the safety and care of our donors. I highly recommend this company."