Tricia Godin

Lessons Learned: Open Enrollment 2018

By Tricia Godin, Employee Benefits Advisor Many employers who offer health benefits have completed their annual open enrollments for 2018. Of these businesses, how many have had a meaningful discussion and debrief on what worked, and what may not have worked well? If the employer used a benefit administration platform, how did it perform? The

Just in Time for the Holidays: The IRS Announces Intention to Access Pay or Play Penalties

The IRS recently “announced” its intentions to access penalties under the Employer Shared Responsibility Penalty (ESRP)- also known as “pay or play penalties.” This announcement was made by updating a series of over 60 FAQs that are published on the IRS website to address ESRP provisions under the ACA. In late 2017, the IRS intends

Exploring Strategies to Reduce Cost & Improve Healthcare Quality

By Tricia Godin, Brown & Brown of Detroit Employee Benefits Advisor Improving the quality of care is one of the most desirable and efficient ways to lower healthcare spending. Delivering the right care at the right time, in the best setting, reduces waste and improves outcomes.  Two provider models gaining in popularity are Centers of

Small Businesses CAN Overcome Administrative Challenges

By Tricia Godin, Employee Benefits Advisor Small business owners often perform multiple roles within their company, including but not limited to Human Resources, Operations, and Accounting functions. Not to mention that simultaneously they are also growing their bottom line, recruiting, and managing multiple vendor relationships. Health benefit advisors can significantly assist with relieving the administrative

Volunteering to Benefit: Something for Everybody

By Tricia Godin, Employee Benefits Advisor Finding employees is a challenge, and finding the right benefits mix to help with overall benefit satisfaction is another challenge our clients face. A very popular and effective strategy our clients are using involves Voluntary Benefit offerings, to round out coverage offerings and enrich the plans. Change is all