Todd Piersol

Contract or Commodity: The Sequel

By Todd Piersol, Executive Vice President, Brown & Brown of Detroit A couple years ago I posted a an article called Contract or Commodity: , which made the argument that insurance policies should be given more attention as being true contracts versus a commoditized expense.  While my career as an insurance topic journalist may

“It’s Not You, It’s Me”: We’re Just No Longer a Fit

An old friend of mine (let’s call him Pete) works for a well-known, national tax services firm. It’s not the type of firm that resides in a stylish high-rise downtown. No, for this, think strip mall and a costumed worker out by the street waving people in during tax season. It is a tax-filing machine that promises to

Breaking News: Top Employee Loses Life Savings Due to Employer’s Lazy Insurance Agent

Screeeeeeeech! The 2015 F-150 driven by your top foreman, Charles, slams into the back of a completely stopped garbage truck. The passenger with Charles, one of your new associates, Pete, slams into the dashboard, disrupting a monumental run in Candy Crush, and, more importantly, crushing his forehead. Charles is relatively unharmed, only experiencing a few bruises. It turns out

It’s Not Your Fault…It’s Default

“This is how we’ve always done it”, Carl exclaimed as he prepared a neatly typed cover page to accompany his facsimiled client applications.  Weeks later, he had not received any responses from underwriters, most of whom did not even know where to find facsimiled applications.  Pete lost all his business and wound up starting his

Snake Boots, Insurance, and a Rabid Florida Panther

First, let me explain that I hail from a place where one doesn’t search for a Pro-V1 (an expensive golf ball, for you bowlers out there) lost in the woods, or walk past a crooked stick without a level of suspicion. Yes, poisonous snakes are a real hazard in Florida.  Thus, when considering an analogy

Contract or Commodity?

Do you agree that we live in a litigious society? Do you feel compelled to put things in writing when establishing a position or making a deal? Have you ever marveled at how a few well-placed words in a contract can completely change the way the document is interpreted? Do you find yourself skeptical of

Behind the Walls of your Insurance Program

A question to all business owners: What is more valuable, your home or the viability of your business?  I would suspect that the financial stability of the company would prevail, after a very difficult thought review.  While both purchases are very important, in many cases, individuals undergo a much more extensive due diligence process when