Ryan Wellman

Older Building? 3 reasons why ordinance and law coverage could save your business

By Ryan J. Wellman, AAI – Brown & Brown of Detroit We construct buildings with a useful life in mind but what happens when a fire burns it down to the ground? We rebuild, right? What many don’t consider is that there may be new building codes that weren’t in effect when the building was

How Analyzing Work Comp Claims Helps Both Business and Their Brokers

By Ryan J. Wellman, AAI – Brown & Brown of Detroit Workers’ compensation is a polarizing topic for many businesses- many don’t understand it or don’t think they have any control over it. There are many reasons for this misunderstanding. Coverage can be complex, but clarity empowers employers to take control of current claims and

Policy Language is Critical

By Ryan Wellman, Commercial Insurance Agent Ask any business owner about their insurance policy, and they will say that aside from the limits and premiums, it is standard. This assumption has the potential to cause serious problems when it comes time to make a claim. Most business owners fail to understand that the policy they