Whose Fault Is It Anyway?: No-Fault & Collision Coverage, Explained

By Derek Wesch, Claims Manager SCREEECH, BOOM!! You were driving your kids to school when all of a sudden another vehicle suddenly slammed into the back end of your vehicle. The first thing you do is check on your kids. Thankfully, neither they nor you sustained any injuries. However, the same cannot be said for

Snake Boots, Insurance, and a Rabid Florida Panther

First, let me explain that I hail from a place where one doesn’t search for a Pro-V1 (an expensive golf ball, for you bowlers out there) lost in the woods, or walk past a crooked stick without a level of suspicion. Yes, poisonous snakes are a real hazard in Florida.  Thus, when considering an analogy

Contract or Commodity?

Do you agree that we live in a litigious society? Do you feel compelled to put things in writing when establishing a position or making a deal? Have you ever marveled at how a few well-placed words in a contract can completely change the way the document is interpreted? Do you find yourself skeptical of

Doing the Job Right; No One Will Know

No one can forget the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  The truly devastating events of that day have permanently changed us all.  Imagine for a moment, someone had prevented the attacks of September 11. Would anyone even know to give that person “credit”? Before the attacks, it is feasible someone could have identified the vulnerability

What the Michigan-MSU game reminds us about risk: “possibility vs probability”

By now, you have probably learned of the final play that resulted in a unbelievable finish to the Michigan-Michigan State football game.  Michigan, with 10 seconds left, a 2-point lead, ready to punt the ball to a timeout-less MSU team.  Michigan’s punter subsequently fumbled the snap & then tried to punt the ball in a