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Contractors’ Insurance: Change Orders & Work Adjustments- Are You Covered?

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor The plans are drawn up, the materials are on site. On paper, everything looks great, ready to roll. Installation starts and there are some problems.  The drawings and actual land/structures are slightly different.  The materials have some variations that pose difficulties. But the work has to get done. Big

The Illusion of Cheap & Good Insurance: Endless Pursuit of the Cheapest Business Insurance

By Brian Pilarski, Brown & Brown of Detroit Commercial Insurance Advisor I talk with hundreds of privately-held business owners, managers, and leaders throughout the year. Invariably, approximately 5% are seeking the “magic” fix to insurance costs (not our clients).  The relentless pursuit of that secret insurance program, the one that is so cheap yet pays

“Do You Want Fries with Your Insurance?” Order-Taking & Your Insurance Purchase

By Brian Pilarski, Brown & Brown of Detroit Commercial Insurance Advisor Walking into a fast-serve restaurant, we quickly scan the menu and submit our order. In some cases, additional offerings are made: “Would you like to add fries for only 30 cents more?” or “If you buy another one it is half-off. Buy one, get

“Insurance? Oh… Umm… Crazy weather lately, huh?” WHY I Work in Insurance

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor With the latest holiday season comes another set of awkward responses when people ask what I do for a living. I often joke that the best way to stop a casual conversation is to let people know you are in the insurance business.  People learn this and really don’t

Selling Your Interest in a Business? Talk to Your Insurance Advisor!

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor, Brown & Brown of Detroit Over the past few years, with improved economic conditions and better run companies, we have seen a lot of sales, mergers, and acquisitions. As a business owner, hundreds of “to-dos” arise during the sale. One important “to-do” is to inform your property and casualty

Q3 2017 Advisor Newsletter

Please download the PDF to read the following articles: You Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – But You May Have to Pay for It Reimbursement vs. Duty to Defend Hit the Brakes: Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Commercial Drivers Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Costs

Reimbursement vs. Duty to Defend

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor Businesses purchase insurance to provide financial protection against exposures due to the business operations, employees, and litigation matters. General liability, property, auto, and work comp are traditional policies- all protect the entity, the commercial business, due to injury or property damage. Protecting the Executives- For Business Decisions (Non-Injury Matters)

Hit the Brakes: Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Commercial Drivers & Why it Matters

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor  “Is this driver acceptable? If not, why?” “They told me they only had one ticket a couple of years ago!!!” A weekly scenario for us and our clients. With distracted driving now the number one cause of accidents, it’s especially important to ensure you’re hiring safe drivers. Commercial auto

Top 5 Ways to Reduce your Workers Compensation Costs

Insurance costs are top of mind for all companies. The expense and the hassle of insurance often creates a dislike for the process necessary to best manage the program. At times, companies don’t feel they have much control over the cost, which it is a variation of market forces they don’t believe they can influence. Workers’

DIY Insurance- Captives: Pros & Cons of Going to DIY Insurance (Captive)

Home Depot and Lowes, along with a binge of HGTV, can make one feel like undertaking a full kitchen renovation. Gut the kitchen, go buy the materials and your new makeover is ready to unveil! Reality- it’s not as easy as it looks. Gutting the kitchen? Well, that’s not too tough. Putting it back together is what often leads

Death by Medical Error, Time Out Protocol & Business Insurance

Medical errors contribute to a significant numbers of deaths per year, estimated to equate to around the 7th leading cause of death (if ranked and purely visible). To place the quantity of deaths caused by medical error in perspective, the number of deaths due medical error per year is the numeric equivalent of crashing a 747 plane full of

Owner, Spouse, Child- Not Covered by Insurance but the Business Is? Critical Gaps with Individually Owned Cars Insured on Business Auto Policy

PERSONAL CAR INSURED BY THE COMPANY? THE DIFFICULT CHALLENGES OF OBTAINING INDIVIDUAL(S) COVERAGE AS AN INSURED(S) UNDER BUSINESS AUTO POLICIES Many owners of corporate entities choose to place their personally owned/leased vehicles on the company auto policy. The rationale and benefits of insuring the personal vehicles on the company policy are plenty; from some tax advantages, to higher

Insurance for Future Cash- Trade/Credit Insurance

Why are most companies in business? As part of many reasons, one of the top is most likely to be “make money or profit.” A reality of business is the necessity of cash; if your company isn’t receiving revenue from goods & service, it’s likely the business will cease to exist over a short period of

Avoid Past Evidence for a Better Protected Future

Looking at past data can point to future outcomes.  Most organizations set forth their well-thought plans, investments and strategic initiatives to build a successful future.  We look at current outcomes and we tie the past to the reasons things are the way they are today.  We often look at what is happening now and predict a future.

Doing the Job Right; No One Will Know

No one can forget the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  The truly devastating events of that day have permanently changed us all.  Imagine for a moment, someone had prevented the attacks of September 11. Would anyone even know to give that person “credit”? Before the attacks, it is feasible someone could have identified the vulnerability