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Q3 2017 Advisor Newsletter

Please download the PDF to read the following articles: You Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – But You May Have to Pay for It Reimbursement vs. Duty to Defend Hit the Brakes: Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Commercial Drivers Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Costs

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?: No-Fault & Collision Coverage, Explained

By Derek Wesch, Claims Manager SCREEECH, BOOM!! You were driving your kids to school when all of a sudden another vehicle suddenly slammed into the back end of your vehicle. The first thing you do is check on your kids. Thankfully, neither they nor you sustained any injuries. However, the same cannot be said for

Hit the Brakes: Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Commercial Drivers & Why it Matters

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor  “Is this driver acceptable? If not, why?” “They told me they only had one ticket a couple of years ago!!!” A weekly scenario for us and our clients. With distracted driving now the number one cause of accidents, it’s especially important to ensure you’re hiring safe drivers. Commercial auto

Demystifying Collision Coverage

By Dan Patrico, Personal Insurance Advisor Dealing with insurance isn’t the most fun task, and many people avoid it except when absolutely necessary. Often, people are seeking an auto insurance quote because they are unhappy with the service at their current agency, they are scouting the market for a more competitive price, or they just

Breaking News: Top Employee Loses Life Savings Due to Employer’s Lazy Insurance Agent

Screeeeeeeech! The 2015 F-150 driven by your top foreman, Charles, slams into the back of a completely stopped garbage truck. The passenger with Charles, one of your new associates, Pete, slams into the dashboard, disrupting a monumental run in Candy Crush, and, more importantly, crushing his forehead. Charles is relatively unharmed, only experiencing a few bruises. It turns out

Owner, Spouse, Child- Not Covered by Insurance but the Business Is? Critical Gaps with Individually Owned Cars Insured on Business Auto Policy

PERSONAL CAR INSURED BY THE COMPANY? THE DIFFICULT CHALLENGES OF OBTAINING INDIVIDUAL(S) COVERAGE AS AN INSURED(S) UNDER BUSINESS AUTO POLICIES Many owners of corporate entities choose to place their personally owned/leased vehicles on the company auto policy. The rationale and benefits of insuring the personal vehicles on the company policy are plenty; from some tax advantages, to higher