Small Businesses CAN Overcome Administrative Challenges

By Tricia Godin, Employee Benefits Advisor Small business owners often perform multiple roles within their company, including but not limited to Human Resources, Operations, and Accounting functions. Not to mention that simultaneously they are also growing their bottom line, recruiting, and managing multiple vendor relationships. Health benefit advisors can significantly assist with relieving the administrative

Reimbursement vs. Duty to Defend

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor Businesses purchase insurance to provide financial protection against exposures due to the business operations, employees, and litigation matters. General liability, property, auto, and work comp are traditional policies- all protect the entity, the commercial business, due to injury or property damage. Protecting the Executives- For Business Decisions (Non-Injury Matters)

The Skinny of It: Benefits of MEC Plans

By Sherman Edwards, Employee Benefits Advisor For the past few decades workers have increasingly relied on their jobs for access to health insurance, which would presumably be out of reach financially for most American workers. There are still employees who cannot afford major medical insurance, even when subsidized by their employers. It would likely be

Upcoming Group Benefits Renewals: Forecast & Savings Strategies

By Jerry Zaccardelli, Vice President of Employee Group Benefits As the fall season approaches, the benefits team at Brown & Brown of Detroit is beginning to gear up for their busy, pre-renewal season. A majority of employers’ group benefit programs renew on January 1, so we’ve been busy preparing to help our clients through the

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?: No-Fault & Collision Coverage, Explained

By Derek Wesch, Claims Manager SCREEECH, BOOM!! You were driving your kids to school when all of a sudden another vehicle suddenly slammed into the back end of your vehicle. The first thing you do is check on your kids. Thankfully, neither they nor you sustained any injuries. However, the same cannot be said for

The Potential Employer Liability of Offering a Group Life Program

By Steve Hettrick, Employee Benefits Advisor Many employers provide group term life insurance as part of their benefits offering. Group term life policies include an option that allows terminated employees to continue life insurance coverage at their own cost after their employment ends by converting the policy from group to individual coverage.  The option to

Hit the Brakes: Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Commercial Drivers & Why it Matters

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor  “Is this driver acceptable? If not, why?” “They told me they only had one ticket a couple of years ago!!!” A weekly scenario for us and our clients. With distracted driving now the number one cause of accidents, it’s especially important to ensure you’re hiring safe drivers. Commercial auto

You Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk, But You May Have to Pay for It

By Matt Dinverno, Commercial Insurance Advisor “Don’t cry over spilled milk” is a phrase I’ve heard hundreds of times. I frequently read headlines about large legal settlements over spilled coffee or other perplexing liability scenarios. As an insurance professional, with insurance protection and clients’ exposures on my mind, I think about what would happen if

Increasing Drug Prices Can Be a Bitter Pill to Swallow: How Brown & Brown’s Pharmacy Purchasing Coalitions Can Help

By Steve Hettrick, Benefits Practice Leader, Brown & Brown of Detroit Prescription Drug Costs Are On the Rise…Again Prescription drug costs are expected to rise 11.6% in 2017, up from the previous year’s increase. By comparison, wages are expected to rise just 2.5% in the same time period (per Segal Consulting). In fact, prescription drug

The Art of Buying Business Insurance

By Chris Bolton, Commercial Insurance Advisor Let’s Face It In the event of a serious loss, such as a natural disaster or fire that puts you out of business for months on end, or a dangerous lawsuit that threatens your business survival, the last thing on you mind will be what you paid for your

Top 5 Ways to Reduce your Workers Compensation Costs

Insurance costs are top of mind for all companies. The expense and the hassle of insurance often creates a dislike for the process necessary to best manage the program. At times, companies don’t feel they have much control over the cost, which it is a variation of market forces they don’t believe they can influence. Workers’

Demystifying Collision Coverage

By Dan Patrico, Personal Insurance Advisor Dealing with insurance isn’t the most fun task, and many people avoid it except when absolutely necessary. Often, people are seeking an auto insurance quote because they are unhappy with the service at their current agency, they are scouting the market for a more competitive price, or they just

Volunteering to Benefit: Something for Everybody

By Tricia Godin, Employee Benefits Advisor Finding employees is a challenge, and finding the right benefits mix to help with overall benefit satisfaction is another challenge our clients face. A very popular and effective strategy our clients are using involves Voluntary Benefit offerings, to round out coverage offerings and enrich the plans. Change is all

Press Release: Brown & Brown, Inc. Announces the Asset Acquisition of Tricoast Insurance Services, LLC

R. Andrew Watts, CFO (Daytona Beach, Florida) . . . J. Scott Penny, Chief Acquisitions Officer of Brown & Brown, Inc. (NYSE:BRO), and Craig Justice, the principal of TriCoast Insurance Services, LLC (“TriCoast Insurance”), today announced that Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.(“Arrowhead”), a subsidiary of Brown & Brown, Inc., has acquired substantially all of the

Older Building? 3 reasons why ordinance and law coverage could save your business

By Ryan J. Wellman, AAI – Brown & Brown of Detroit We construct buildings with a useful life in mind but what happens when a fire burns it down to the ground? We rebuild, right? What many don’t consider is that there may be new building codes that weren’t in effect when the building was