“Do You Want Fries with Your Insurance?” Order-Taking & Your Insurance Purchase

By Brian Pilarski, Brown & Brown of Detroit Commercial Insurance Advisor Walking into a fast-serve restaurant, we quickly scan the menu and submit our order. In some cases, additional offerings are made: “Would you like to add fries for only 30 cents more?” or “If you buy another one it is half-off. Buy one, get

Contract or Commodity: The Sequel

By Todd Piersol, Executive Vice President, Brown & Brown of Detroit A couple years ago I posted a an article called Contract or Commodity: https://bbtex.wpengine.com/contract-or-commodity/ , which made the argument that insurance policies should be given more attention as being true contracts versus a commoditized expense.  While my career as an insurance topic journalist may

“Insurance? Oh… Umm… Crazy weather lately, huh?” WHY I Work in Insurance

By Brian Pilarski, Commercial Insurance Advisor With the latest holiday season comes another set of awkward responses when people ask what I do for a living. I often joke that the best way to stop a casual conversation is to let people know you are in the insurance business.  People learn this and really don’t