Don’t Be a Victim: Steps You Can Take to Prevent Wire Fraud

By Dan West, Brown & Brown of Detroit Commercial Insurance Advisor In 2017, more business is conducted online and via email than ever before. While efficiency and convenience are improved, unfortunately wire transfer attacks are increasing. Many companies rely on wire transfers to efficiently complete transactions to keep their business running smoothly- so what can

Exclude Yourself! Michigan Workers’ Compensation Exclusion Options

By Dan West, Brown & Brown of Detroit Commercial Insurance Advisor As commercial insurance advisors, we are frequently asked about excluding sole proprietors, officers, or family members from workers’ compensation coverage. These guidelines can be difficult to decipher, but understanding is key, especially in industries that use a large number of subcontractors, such as landscaping,

Exploring Strategies to Reduce Cost & Improve Healthcare Quality

By Tricia Godin, Brown & Brown of Detroit Employee Benefits Advisor Improving the quality of care is one of the most desirable and efficient ways to lower healthcare spending. Delivering the right care at the right time, in the best setting, reduces waste and improves outcomes.  Two provider models gaining in popularity are Centers of

Q3 Michigan Economic Update

We found the attached Q3 Michigan Economic Report interesting and wanted to share it! Feel free to download it.

The Second Lock on the Door… Two Factor Authentication

By Jim Libs, CPCU, Brown & Brown of Detroit Commercial Insurance Advisor Rarely a day goes by where we haven’t been inundated with news of another breach. They take many forms. It could be a retail establishment, a financial institution, or, as recently revealed, a credit monitoring company.  What should you be doing to protect