DIY Insurance- Captives: Pros & Cons of Going to DIY Insurance (Captive)

Home Depot and Lowes, along with a binge of HGTV, can make one feel like undertaking a full kitchen renovation. Gut the kitchen, go buy the materials and your new makeover is ready to unveil! Reality- it’s not as easy as it looks. Gutting the kitchen? Well, that’s not too tough. Putting it back together is what often leads

Breaking News: Top Employee Loses Life Savings Due to Employer’s Lazy Insurance Agent

Screeeeeeeech! The 2015 F-150 driven by your top foreman, Charles, slams into the back of a completely stopped garbage truck. The passenger with Charles, one of your new associates, Pete, slams into the dashboard, disrupting a monumental run in Candy Crush, and, more importantly, crushing his forehead. Charles is relatively unharmed, only experiencing a few bruises. It turns out

Policy Language is CRITICAL

Ask any business owner about their insurance policy, and they will say that aside from the limits and premiums, it is standard. This assumption has the potential to cause serious problems when it comes time to make a claim. Most business owners fail to understand that the policy they see year after year contains “conditions”